Check out our Student Stories and listen to our student produced pieces. Please leave a comment for our students as well!

Hello and welcome to Ithaca High School’s Story Corps (modeled after NPR’s Story Corps project). You are about to listen to some amazing stories created by students here at I.H.S. Our students took a risk– they endeavored to try this project having never done anything like it before. I think you, the listener, will find that their efforts are worthwhile. It is evident, when you listen to the stories, that our students took great deal of care, time, and effort to present their interviewee’s story in a unique way. I am proud of their efforts and so thankful for their willingness to try something new. I hope you will agree that it was worth all the effort.

Speaking of effort, this project would not have happened without a tremendous amount of time, effort, expertise, courage, and generosity from Kim Fontana, Roger Sevilla, Sherrie Szeto, and Dr. Andrea Hammer. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all!

Enjoy the stories.

–Rachel Nichols, I.H.S. English teacher