Surviving the Korean War

My grandmother managed to persevere through the Korean War. However, during her journey through the battlefields, she saw death all around her. She hid from the North Koreans and walked about 400 miles in order to reach safety. Starvation and despair were commonplace during her time in the war and although she did survive, many of her friends did not. What would traumatize others kept her going, and only due to her willpower was she able to live. This is her story.
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5 thoughts on “Surviving the Korean War”

  1. This story is extraordinary. It illuminates the interviewee’s incredibly strength, courage, and determination– how does one walk 400 miles?? It is a story like this that both gives me hope (humans are capable of such unbelievable possibilities) and terrifies me (I don’t think I could ever do that!). Your grandmother has a lot to teach us all. I hope you continue to learn about her and her life. It was an honor to hear this story. Thank you for taking the time, effort, and energy to talk with her and share this incredible tale.

  2. Mike:
    Your grandmother tells this story with vivid detail as if she can see it again before her. Isn’t it amazing to have captured it all now using technology? War and illegal occupation affects thousands of people: soldiers and civilians alike. Somewhere in all of that, everyone has a grandmother who has a story. Nice job.

  3. What a testimony to your grandmother’s strength and perseverance! Hearing her story makes my problems so trivial. I don’t think most of us today are as strong as she is. Tell her that for me. Thanks.

  4. This story is difficult to respond to, because of the horrific experiences of your grandmother, but she has made it beautiful and eloquent in telling it. Her personal account of survival makes the listener feel guilty (for having such a soft life), humble and admiring of your grandmother. What a sweet statement that you ease the pain, by beautifying the memories — or something like that. My life has been enriched by this beautiful story. Thank you both.

  5. What an amazing story. The warmth in your grandmother’s voice is striking, and her story is so moving. It is easy to forget all who suffer so greatly in times of war, and her story is such a powerful reminder of that. I hope that she is very proud of her strength and her courage, and that you are very proud to have her as a grandmother!

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