When He Said He Loved me

I did an interview of my grandma about how she met my grandpa. I ended up with a touching story about the first time they met and their first dating experiences. There are the comic moments of dating and the emotional love stories. Its the classic love story with the ups and downs and the heartstring moments. And all of it leads to true love and marriage.

5 thoughts on “When He Said He Loved me”

  1. Your story is really cute. Like you said, it really is a classic love story with the love at first sight.

  2. This story is so sweet. Your grandma’s voice says so much more than her words. She is, indeed, very much in love with your grandpa! It was wonderful to hear how they first met and how they had to date in secret. This story is inspirational for those who don’t believe in true love. I think your grandma proves them wrong.

  3. This is a good lesson for a high-schooler to step back and see that older people are just the same as she is: we all want happiness, love, security, laughter. Life doesn’t end at 18 or 30 or 50 or 80.

  4. Absolutely exquisite details of a courtship and wedding reception — every detail was entertaining, but I think the swimsuit reveal was the best. Thank you for sharing your love story, it was definitely better than fiction. Grandma was a little daring by dating secretly, but it all turned out well. By the description of the reception, I think you have a family that knows how to celebrate, which will be good when you have your wedding.

  5. What a great spirit your grandmother is! Her voice is so vibrant, and you can hear that she’s smiling as she relives these great memories. This is a treasure.

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