I Love Calling Her My Mom

I decided to interview my mother because she amazes me as a person. I asked her different questions about being a mother and developed a nine minute piece out of a 40-minute interview. During this interview, I learned about a struggle my mom went through with her first born child. This interview showed me even more how strong of a person my mother is and how priveledged I am to call her my mother. In this nine minute voice clip, it tells a sad, yet empowering story of a woman who is able to overcome the struggle of losing someone she loves.


“…when you hear people laughing together…”

…there is just something very special about that.
I think the world should know my mom, and they’d be all the better for having her influences on their lives. When I sat down to interview her, it became like an everyday conversation. With a familiar, laughable anecdote, and an infectious laugh, I’m proud to showcase her personality. I’d like you to meet my mom.

Not Only A Teacher, But A Friend

I chose my friend and former teacher Mrs. Gray for my interview for a number of reasons. One is because she has been someone that has helped me through life many times. Another reason is that our past is kind of interesting. It’s not very often (at least in my mind) that a student gets the chance to have a teacher that they have known for a long time. Also, Mrs. Gray is someone that will joke around and have fun but then also be someone that will push you to do your best and help you through it. My interview is about the past, how we first met and how our relationship grew from there.

My Dad’s Amazing Journey

Right out of college my dad went on a crazy trip around the country. Coming into the interview all I know about his trip was that it happened. I didn’t know the motivation behind it. After interviewing my dad, I learned not only the motivation behind the trip but the crazy bumps he hit along the way. I hope you enjoy hearing his story as much as I did learning about my dad.


Surviving the Korean War

My grandmother managed to persevere through the Korean War. However, during her journey through the battlefields, she saw death all around her. She hid from the North Koreans and walked about 400 miles in order to reach safety. Starvation and despair were commonplace during her time in the war and although she did survive, many of her friends did not. What would traumatize others kept her going, and only due to her willpower was she able to live. This is her story.
Mike\’s file

The Blue Collar Life

Whatever happened to the good ol’ days of people doing the grungy work? It seems like today that we have more business people than ever and our economy is the worst ever because of a recession. Today it feels like all of our products are made outside of the United States and that we have no more factories. Here is a story of my dad and his family’s ties to the steel mill. He grew up during a rough time but in the end his work ethic paid off. I never knew that he worked so hard to get where he is today. Enjoy meeting my dad.


Ivy League Radical (except not lame)

I approached this project already having the story I wanted to share in mind. I always had a basic knowledge of my dad’s radical activities in the 1960s and 1970s but I never knew the deep details. The story that has always stuck out to me was The Takeover of Willard Straight Hall at Cornell University, so that’s what I interviewed him about. Enjoy.

Life of an Italian Family in the Early 1900s

I interviewed my grandmother about her experiences as a child in Ithaca, NY. During this interview I learned a lot about my great grandmother and great grandfather and how Italians are a tight knit group. Over the course of the interview I found out about my great grandmother’s true love and a very controlling father. I hope you enjoy learning about my family.

When He Said He Loved me

I did an interview of my grandma about how she met my grandpa. I ended up with a touching story about the first time they met and their first dating experiences. There are the comic moments of dating and the emotional love stories. Its the classic love story with the ups and downs and the heartstring moments. And all of it leads to true love and marriage.

One of world’s leading chemist streaks!

My dad has done many crazy things in his life. It would blow your mind to know some of the good and bad things he has done–especially considering how successful he’s become. Point in case is that he’s a goof. When I started our interview together I had him tell me about his academic career all the way from elementary school to graduate school along with all of his accomplishments. He went from being a mediocre student to one of the world’s leading chemists in his field. But after a while, after hearing all of the heart warming and inspirational mumbo jumbo, we decided to have some fun. So he told me about being the first Bailey Hall streaker at Cornell University. I thought, “Why not just go for something quirky that people will get a quick laugh at, something very eccentric just coming out of the blue.” So I hope you enjoy this story!

The Adventures of Cat Man

My interviewee is one funny guy. He is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and he is not your ordinary teacher. In this interview he takes you into the depths of his somewhat sad life as a lonely man with three cats and how he ended up like this. It is a humorous journey and I learned things I never knew about my 10th grade English teacher. I appreciated the chance to laugh and learn with him and I hope you enjoy this adventure story.